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«Военный сборник» (Voennyi sbornik) - Russian military scientific journal.

E-ISSN 2409-1707

Publication frequency – issued 2 times a year.
Issued from 1858.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Zvonimir Freivogel[Германия]From Glasgow to Genoa under three flags – the Yugoslav flotilla leader Dubrovnik2014, June2236
2Olga V. Natolochnaya[Россия], Aleksandr A. Cherkasov[Россия]The Analysis of Special Operations Forces Activities in the World2014, June2151
3Yuri F. Katorin[Россия]The Battle of Isandlwana (The Price of Quartermaster Formalism)2014, December2058
4Olga V. Natolochnaya[Россия], Aleksandr A. Cherkasov[Россия]The Use of Snipers in the Military World: Training, Qualifications and Technologies2014, September2042
5Yuri F. Katorin[Россия]The Price of Caralessness2015, March1826
6Kent R. Crawford[США], Nicholas W. Mitiukov[Россия], Patrick McSherry[США]An Estimation of the Pneumatic Gun's Effectiveness2014, June1670
7Yuri F. Katorin[Россия]Ships Which Won the War2015, September1608
8Vladimir I. Afanasenko[Россия]Training Military Specialists in the North Caucasus Military District on the Eve of and in the Initial Period of the Great Patriotic War (1940-1942)2014, March1570
9Yuri F. Katorin[Россия]Some Aspects of Argentinien-Brasilianer Opposition2015, December1530
10Nugzar K. Ter-Oganov[Израиль]Letters from Officer/Orientalist K.N. Smirnov from the Caucasian Front as a Source for the Study of the Military/Political Situation in Turkey and Iran in 1914–19172014, December1492

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